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September 21, 2015

demoFed holds the line on interest rates Emerging from a two-day meeting, the Fed's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) released a statement on Thursday declaring that the current federal funds rate would remain the same. The Fed's statement noted improvements in the employment, but said that inflation continues to remain low and that it was monitoring events abroad.

CurrentNews - special interest rates

CDA FHA: 3.875% with $5,000 DSELP

Conv : 4.%

Maryland Homefront: 3.625% for Veterans  $5000 DSELP. Don’t have to be first time buyers 

Maryland Preferred Rate: 3.375%  no DSELP 

March 2017

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** Pack to Unpack  The hardest part about packing is figuring out where to start. When boxing up your belongings, start in the kitchen, which typically houses the most items that are not everyday essentials. When you arrive at your new home, unpack your bedroom first, and leave the kitchen for last.

**  Color-Code  Besides being time-consuming, labeling a box with its contents can give thieves the upper hand as you settle in. To save time and stay safe, assign each room a color and use coordinating colored duct tape. Stick a piece of tape on both the top and sides of boxes so that they can be easily identified when stacked or apart.


September 19, 2015




Sellers Guide

The challenge during a listing discussion with a seller is managing their expectations by presenting facts that help them understand the general Market; being realistic about the final results of the transaction. The last thing a seller wants is for their home to languish on the market while other homes around them sell. 

All markets are tough.  Buyers and sellers have been in a constant struggle throughout the ages, to improve their respective position in buying and selling real estate.

 We prepare sellers for what lies ahead by discussing the process, from the very begining, to the day of settlement.  We feel that informed sellers are "prepared sellers," armed for what is about to happen and prepared for the unexpected, making the selling process much easier to handle.

Please give us a call and discover the difference our approach can make in getting your home SOLD at the highest price, with minimum disruptions and as quickly as possible.

What to Expect! (click here to view our summary of expectations guide)

Pictures and Videos Will Sell Homes!

Pictures and Videos Will Sell Homes (example #2)

Assessment and Taxation

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